Brela and Biokovo


Brela is a tourist resort, at the very beginning of Makarska Riviera, in the central Dalmatia.

Brela is unique in its beauty and nature, with wonderful beaches, pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, Mediterranean climate, sport facilities, marina, beautiful relaxing environment and great tourist services.

Brela Gornja (Gornja Brela) is one of two settlements in the municipality of Brela. Brela Gornja is an old part of the resort, known already in 950. as Berulia (Greek: Beroyllia, in Constantine Porphyrogenitus work De Administrando Imperio). Almost the entire area of Brela Gornja is part of Biokovo Nature Park.

In the center of the settlement there is a Presentation center of Biokovo Nature Park, and the beginning of two educational trails: Paths of ancient Berulia and Sridivice.

The A1 highway is only 7 km away, while wonderful beaches of Brela awarded by Forbes magazine as one of the best beaches in the world, are also 7 km away.

6 km long beaches in bays are surrounded by pine trees. Promenade in the shades of pine trees extends through entire Brela coast. Peace and quiet can be found only several minutes far from tourist center, in Brela Gornja.

We hope you will find out why our guests always come back.


Biokovo Nature park

Biokovo Nature Park covers Biokovo mountain range in Dalmatia region. Nature park was proclaimed in 1981. within the area of 195,5 km2. The highest peak of the nature park, St. George (1762 m above sea level), is also third highest peak in Croatia.

The main entrance in Biokovo Nature Park is located on 6th kilometer of Makarska-Vrgorac road (Staza), where Biokovo mountain road begins.

Biokovo Nature Park Presentation Center is located in Brela Gornja in Brela building of regional collections and during the summer months is open to visitors every day in the morning. In the presentation center visitors can through exhibitions see Biokovo in its entirety, see the natural wonders and beauty of the park, and get promotional materials and information about the park. The Presentation Center is also the starting point of educational trail “Paths of ancient Berulia”.

The educational trail “Paths of ancient Berulia” is a plantation with a distance of 2.7 miles, leading from the Presentation Center of Nature Park Biokovo in ” Brela Gornja ” in Subotišću to the church of St. Nikolas. Nine educational boards show the life of old Berulije and its inhabitants.

Educational path Sridivice continues on the trail Paths of ancient Berulia, making the circle trail starting at the Presentation Center, and it is located in the vicinity of old grassland Sridivice.

Biokovo is waiting for you in its pure beauty!